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Alunna Violas

Aged tonewood, High Quality Instruments - Made for Beginner and Advanced Students
Student Viola ALV 800 available in St George Utah

ALV 800

The ALV 800 model is a powerful beginner viola. It is made of select, aged tiger maple and spruce with ebony fittings.  Even in larger spaces, the brilliance of this violin will carry to the back of the concert hall, and with that kind of power, the talent of the player will shine as they improve on their technique. With upgraded strings and aged tonewood construction, it is ready to play.

Tonal Quality Rating: 7.96

Student Viola ALV 1400 available in Southern Utah

ALV 1400

The ALV 1400 is our pick for quality and affordability. With its flamed-maple back, and dark spruce top—both aged fifteen years, it received some of the highest ratings of any viola that we have approved for intermediate or beginner violin students. The grain is evenly spaced and the slow-growth, high-altitude annual growth rings give this viola a robust tonal quality, unlike any other beginner viola you may have tried before. It is a joy to play, even for the most experienced players.

Tonal Quality Rating: 8.49


Antico Violas

toneWOOD AGED TO PERFECtion - Crafted for Intermediate and Advanced Musicians
Advanced Viola Viola ANV 2200 in St. George Utah

ANV 2200

The ANV 2200 is a top-tier instrument made of gorgeous maple and spruce that was aged for at least 25 years before being used.  It’s golden patina and tight growth rings in the wood give it a powerful sound.  With a classic ebony setup, it is among the finest professional violas we offer.

Tonal Quality Rating: 8.58

Intermediate Viola ANV 2600 available in Southern Utah

ANV 2600

A fine viola with a two-piece back and 25-year aged maple with a spruce top. The warm, deep tones and fine craftsmanship make this professional viola a match for the most dedicated advanced to professional artist.

Tonal Quality Rating: 8.78

Professional Viola ANV 3200 available in St George Utah

ANV 3200

Our top-of-the-line viola is a masterpiece.  The tonewoods are aged for 30-40 years before being selected by luthiers. The antique finish matches the appearance with the robust tonal qualities of our highest ranking viola.

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.04