Violins, violas, and cellos at the Green Gate Village in St. George.    Get help from an expert.   Financing available, 12-24 months interest-free*.

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Discounts for Orchestras

Supporting Schools

Like our local educators, The Violin Gallery is committed to the next generation of musicians and their love of music. In order to provide the best opportunities for their continued growth, The Violin Gallery offers special rates for school orchestra programs, with discounts on bulk orders of instruments including the Double Bass, orchestra class supplies, and sheet music.  Bulk order discounts are available to any school program in the United States. 

Other ways we support our local schools:

  • Discounted, annual repair packages. 
  • Presentations taught during school about the history and making of stringed instruments. Includes bringing some of the instruments from our gallery for demonstration. 
  • Educational materials, handouts, and tools for students. 

(Local includes schools in Southern Utah, Page, Arizona, and Mesquite, Nevada) 

Violin Gallery at Green Gate Village St George