Violins, violas, and cellos at the Green Gate Village in St. George.    Get help from an expert.   Financing available, 12-24 months interest-free*.

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Alunna Cellos

Solid Wood, High-Quality Instruments - Made for Beginner to Advanced Students
Student Cello ALC 600 Available in St. George Utah

ALC 600

The ALC 600 is a beautiful way to start or upgrade your current instrument.  All wood construction, hand-set, expert setup, and a bold, rich sound will prepare you for a lifetime of music. 

Tonal-quality Rating: 7.28

Student Cello ALC 1400 available in Southern Utah

ALC 1400

Made from high-altitude, slow-growth maple and spruce from Europe, the ALC 1400 is a fine instrument for the intermediate to advanced artist. It scores high in brilliance, edginess, and resonance, making it a joy to play.

Tonal-quality Rating: 7.28

Advanced Student Cello ALC 2600 Available at Green Gate Village St George

ALC 2600

The ALC 2600 is our top-tier student cello made of 20-year aged flamed maple, with a spruce top. The ebony fittings and professional setup are the classic finish to this incredible instrument. It scored highest in balance, depth, smoothness, and brilliance. 

Tonal-quality Rating: 7.68


Antico Cellos

WOOD AGED TO PERFECTION - Crafted for Intermediate and Advanced Musicians
Intermediate Cello ANC 3200 Available in St George Utah

ANC 3200

The tonewoods of our Antico cellos are aged for 40-50 years. That is what makes the sound of this fine instrument so powerful.  It ranked highest in evenness and resonance. The depth, smoothness, responsiveness, and edginess make this the ideal advanced to professional-level instrument.

Tonal-quality Rating: 8.44

Professional Cello ANC 3800 available in Southern Utah

ANC 3800

This cello received the highest ranking for clarity, balance, and depth. There is no higher rating for resonance and smoothness among our cellos. High-altitude, slow-growth tonewoods and the finest craftsmanship make the ANC 3800 one of the top choices for professional cellists.

Tonal-quality Rating: 8.96

Professional Cello ANC 4600 available in St George Utah

ANC 4600

Our finest Antico cello is a true masterpiece.  The depth, smoothness, balance, responsiveness, edginess, and resonance received the highest marks we give on our tonal quality matrix.  With the finest tonewoods, a professional setup, and the attention of an expert luthier, our top-rated cello is an experience to play.  

Tonal-quality Rating: 9.08