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Antico Violins

Wood Aged to Perfection - Crafted for Intermediate and Advanced Musicians
AN 2400 Violin available in St. George Utah

AN 2400

The AN 2400 is a powerful step into our advanced and professional-level instruments. Reading 15 points higher on our decibel meter than our best Alunna violin, it jumps to a range that wants to be heard.  A two-piece flamed maple of medium curl from the center line to the flanks, and a warm, balanced tone. Scoring highest on resonance and edginess, this violin is a fine introduction to the Antico family.

Tonal Quality Rating: 8.77

Advanced Violin AN 2800 Available in St. George Utah

AN 2800

Hand-crafted by an expert luthier from European high-altitude, slow-growth tonewood, the AN 2800 displays the finest workmanship using vivid, medium-curl maple and spruce.  The golden-brown varnish has a beautiful patina and the professional setup of boxwood fittings offer visual appeal and a smooth tone.  The AN 2800 scores highest in responsiveness, smoothness, balance, and clarity.

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.03

Advanced Violin AN 3000

AN 3000

The stunning appearance of the AN 3000, coupled with exquisite tonal qualities, make it one of our finest offerings. It received its highest marks in edginess, responsiveness, and power. The tonewoods are aged between 20 to 30 years before crafting this master violin model. We offer the AN 3000 in a one, or two-piece back. 

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.14

$2,195 (2-piece Back)

$2,495 (1-piece Back)
Advanced Violin AN 3400 Brown

AN 3200

The AN 3200 is a fine instrument crafted from European tonewood aged for 25-30 years. With an antique finish, ebony tuning pegs, tailpiece, chin rest, and button, it is a classic beauty. We offer the AN 3200 in a one, or two-piece back. 

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.20

$2,350 (2-Piece Back)
$2,650 (1-Piece Back)
Professional Violin AN 3400 Available in St George Utah

AN 3400

The antiqued, golden-brown finish, and light-cut ebony fittings, make the AN 3400 a visual masterpiece. A flamed, tiger-maple back, and spruce top, professional setup with near-perfect marks in resonance and brilliance. 

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.26

Advance Violin AN 3600 in St George, Utah

AN 3600

Inspired by the violins of Stradivari, the AN 3600 represents the peak of the Golden Period of violin-making. Using light varnish to enhance the natural patina of the aged maple, the AN 3600 is a beautiful instrument that produces tonal qualities strong in warmth and edginess.

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.41

AN 3800 professional violin in St George Utah

AN 3800

The two-piece, maple back on the AN 3800 has a vivid curl from the center line to the flanks with tightly-spaced tree-ring growth lines on the table. Scoring highest for richness, resonance, and responsiveness, music-making is a delight and displays the earned skill of the artist. This is the highest-rated violin of all our violins for responsiveness making it Violin Gallery founder, Chris Hobson’s top pick for tonal quality and price. 

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.42

Professional Violin AN 4000 available in St George Utah

AN 4000

The gorgeous AN 4000 is made of aged tonewoods (30-40 years) from Italy and displays the finest quality of craftsmanship. A tiger maple back, spruce top, and classic ebony fittings with mother-of-pearl ornamented tailpiece and tuning pegs, make this one of our finest master violins.

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.43

Advanced Violin AN 4200 in St. George Utah

AN 4200

Nicknamed, “Fleur D’or” (Golden Flower), the cumulative knowledge from the Golden Period of violin-making in France is evident in the quality craftsmanship of one of our favorite instruments. The lighter, natural varnish is used to display the finer details of the luthiers work. The Fleur D’or is ornamented with gold-ringed tuning pegs and a gold-foil fluer-de-lis tailpiece. The tonal quality matrix displays near perfect scores across the board, with the highest in edginess, resonance, responsiveness, brilliance, depth, richness, and warmth. 

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.43

Professional Violin AN 4800 Available in Southern Utah

AN 4800

The AN 4800 is compared to violins made in the early 1700’s. The finest high-altitude, slow-growth tonewoods from Czechia and Italy (aged 30-40 years) make this a masterpiece. It has an excellent antique finish with golden-brown varnish over flamed maple and spruce. Scoring highest in clarity, depth, richness, and responsiveness, with one of only two, near-perfect scores for warmth, it is a joy to perform on.  

Tonal Quality Rating: 9.44

Professional Violin AN 5400 Available at Green Gate Village St George

AN 5400

Our finest modern violin offering is the AN 5400. The latest advancements in violin-making combine to create a masterpiece.  The back is of a vivid tiger maple with medium curl from the center line to the flanks. The ribbing is of a medium curl. The head is of tight, even tree-growth rings displaying a minimal variance in growth rate and seasonal temperature range at the harvest site. The golden-brown patina of the varnish is accented with a unique finishing technique that adds a beautiful touch to the appearance of this masterpiece. The tonal quality matrix ranks the AN 5400 as the finest overall sound quality in our violin offerings. It is the only instrument to receive a 9.75 rating for smoothness. 


Tonal Quality Rating: 9.50