Violins, violas, and cellos at the Green Gate Village in St. George.    Get help from an expert.   Financing available, 12-24 months interest-free*.

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Antique Violins, Violas, and Cellos Available at Green Gate Village
Professional Violin 1650 available in St. George Utah

The Amatus, 1650

A VERY FINE ITALIAN VIOLIN labeled Nicolaus Amatus fecit in Cremona 1650, the two-piece back of narrow curl, it descends slightly from the center line to the flanks; the ribs and scroll similar, the varnish of a golden brown color, the length of back 14.1/8in (359mm) golden color.

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Professional Viola from the 1920s Available in Southern Utah

1920 Antique Viola

A UNIQUE VIOLA, likely German, approx. 1920. A  golden-brown varnish with lightly-flamed maple back. Narrowly-spaced growth rings on the front gradually getting closer toward the flanks. Deep, rich tone and synthetic-hybrid strings enhance the smoothness and quality.

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1920s French Cello

The Dupuy, 1924

 A VERY FINE & RARE FRENCH CELLO, the Georges Dupuy cello is a masterpiece. Fully-restored with an elegant French tailpiece. The varnish is an auburn brown over a vivid medium curl from the center line to the ribs. A smooth, brilliant tone and exquisite craftsmanship.

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1922 German Cello by August Gemunder

The Gemunder, 1922

The August Gemunder & Sons Art cellos are among the finest American-made cellos of the early 1900’s.  Originally from Germany, the shop produced rich, powerful, instruments using the finest tonewoods from Germany and Southern Russia with striking visual and tonal features. A cross-cut maple, and spruce top gives it a unique tone and visible texture. 

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