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Alunna Violins

Solid Wood, High Quality Instruments - Made For Beginner and Advanced Students
AL 300 Beginner Violin

AL 300

The Alunna AL 300 is the perfect place to begin your musical journey. Our high-quality, affordable beginner instrument is teacher-approved and ready to play.  Made of solid maple and spruce with ebony fittings, it has a rich, warm tone. 

Tonal Quality Rating: 6.88

Student Violin 500

AL 500

The AL 500 is made of aged wood and is complimented by unique, boxwood pegs and a tailpiece. The tonal qualities match the appearance with a gorgeous two-piece back and fine finish. This is a great instrument for the beginner to intermediate violinist.

Tonal Quality Rating: 6.94

Student Violin AL 600 Available in St George

AL 600

A beautiful, aged tonewood violin with a rich sound. The AL 600 is a fine student instrument with high-quality strings and setup. The beginner to intermediate student will shine playing this instrument.

Tonal Quality Rating: 6.96

Student Violin AL 800 in Southern Utah

AL 800

Made from high-altitude, slow-growth tonewoods, the AL 800 is the perfect instrument to take your craft to the next level.  This violin has a beautiful one-piece back and boxwood fittings. It has a clear, resonant tone that you will love to play.

Tonal Quality Rating: 7.03 

Student Violin AL 1000 Front

AL 1000

The golden glow of this fine instrument makes it both beautiful to see and play.  The classic ebony setup, desirable one-piece back, and fine finish of the AL 1000 will impress both player and listener.

Tonal Quality Rating: 7.15

Advanced Student Violin AL 1400 available in St. George Utah

AL 1400

The AL 1400 has the best of both worlds: a beautiful appearance and quality sound.  It scores among the highest for warmth.

Tonal Quality Rating: 7.87

Advanced Student AL 1600 at Green Gate Village St George

AL 1600

This is a fantastic model for the intermediate to advanced violin student. The fiery two-piece back, fleur de lis tailpiece, and matching boxwood pegs make this a beauty to make music with. It received highest marks for warmth.

Tonal Quality Rating: 7.26

Advanced Student AL 1800 available at Green Gate Village in St George, Utah.

AL 1800

Take a close look at the AL 1800 and you’ll notice how close the annual growth rings are on the face of the violin. This produces a tone that scores high on evenness, warmth, depth, and power. 

Tonal Quality Rating: 7.68

Advanced Student Violin AL 2200 Front in St George Utah

AL 2200

A beautiful addition to the Alunna family, the AL 2200 is aged to perfection. It has a rich, two-piece back and two-toned boxwood fittings. It has a powerful, even, warm tone that will thrill the player and listener.

Tonal Quality Rating: 8.12

Advanced Student Violin AL 2400

AL 2400

The AL 2400 received the highest marks for evenness and richness among all Alunna violins.  The one-piece back and fine tonewood, combined with the rich sound and appearance make this a favorite model for Violin Gallery owner, Chris.

Tonal Quality Rating: 8.31

Advanced Student Violin AL 2600

AL 2600

With a stunning, one-piece, tiger maple back and deep, red wine finish, the AL 2600 is the advancing violinists instrument. With the highest ratings in balance, clarity, evenness, warmth, and depth, it is the most well-rounded instrument in the Alunna line-up.

Tonal Quality Rating: 8.1